• Property & building site security
    This starts with guarding retail premises (shops, offices, practices, etc.), often in the form of security patrols and extends up to security for large properties such as company sites, factory buildings or political facilities.
  • Personal protection
    We generally only realise how valuable freedom, security and physical safety are when they no longer become a matter of course.
  • Kids-Guard
    We take your child to school or to kindergarten and pick him or her up again. Regardless of why you engage us for your child, we check and implement everything precisely.
  • Neighbourhood patrols
    We have extended our range of services and now offer permanent patrols in Göttingen.
    A conspicuous PSM-Security vehicle will patrol just this area of a neighbourhood every day, 365 days a year. You decide the times with us.
  • Event security
    Our event security service takes care of access control, surveillance of the site, personal protection for artists, VIP guests and sportsmen, car park security and stewarding and cordoning services.