Managing Director and proprietor: L. Hubbert

Brief portrait:

PSM-SECURITY GMBH first opened for business in Göttingen in 2006 and was licensed by the Town of Göttingen under Section 34a of the Trade Regulation for public order and security within its boundaries.

In addition to expertise in all aspects of private and commercial security, our services stand out due to our special focus on our customers.

There is an important reason for this: PSM SECURITY GMBH is managed by its proprietor and Managing Director L. Hubbert is actively involved in its day-to-day operative business. This is a palpable advantage, particularly for large, complex projects. You benefit directly from the fact that our lines of communication are short.

Furthermore, Mr Hubbert has completed full personal security training in Hamburg and passed all the examinations with an average grade of 2.0. That includes weapons expertise pursuant to Section 5 of the Weapons Law together with Section 2 of the General Weapons Regulation.

OUR CODE OF HONOUR which applies to everybody:
Decency, friendliness and respect.